RNR™ touches on points all over the body allowing for awareness of pain, tightness and imbalances.



Certified RNR™ Practioner

I specialize in an amazing massage technique called Reconnecting Neuromuscular Responses™ (RNR™). The creator, Laurel J. Freeman, LMT, defines RNR™ as 'a neuromuscular technique in which the myofascial tissue is reorganized through information given to the golgi tendon organs. Golgi tendon organs are the nerve endings located in all soft tissue fibers. These golgi tendon organs reconnect the neurological and muscular responses. RNR™ gives the golgi tendon organs information which allows the pain signal to be turned off; allowing splinting to stop and healing to begin'.

What makes RNR™ different?

Balancing full-body routine

RNR™ touches on points all over the body allowing for awareness of pain, tightness and imbalances. Someone with chronic shoulder pain may never realize that they carry pain and imbalances in their hips, which may be contributing to or causing the shoulder pain, if they only receive upper body massages focusing on the shoulder. Receiving a full-body RNR™ session can reveal and help release these imbalances.

Works with the body

RNR™ works by stimulating the nerve endings and allowing for the muscle, nerves and brain to work together to make changes. Most massage therapists work ON the body trying to manually and externally force change in the muscles and soft tissue. Even though RNR™ is also applied externally, the changes that occur are made internally by the client's body, which is how RNR™ works WITH the body.

Longer lasting results

Because of both the balancing effects of RNR™ and the changes made within the client's body, the results of RNR™ are longer lasting than most types of massage therapy. RNR™ also keeps working long after the massage is over.

Allows for healing

With pain or injury, we are usually given medication or therapy to treat the symptoms, instead of a solution for the problem. RNR™ turns off the pain signal bringing the balance and internal changes that the body needs to heal. Many clients are able to decrease or eliminate pain medication while others notice an increased tolerance to stress.

Fully clothed, sitting, standing or lying

RNR™ is done with the client fully dressed in comfortable clothes. No oils, creams or lotions are needed which means no greasy feeling after getting a massage. Because the client remains clothed, RNR™ can also easily be done in a standing or sitting position if lying is uncomfortable.


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